Hello, nice to meet you!

I am so very happy that people of different ages, professions, and venues of life become interested in my website. It seems to me that all these people have certain things in common: a strong desire to understand themselves, to have a deeper understanding for others, and to lead happy, meaningful lives full of joy and fulfillment.

I often think how lucky I am to do what I am doing. A long time ago I chose the Department of Psychology of Rostov State University (now Southern Federal University) to start my career as a psychologist, and I am deeply grateful to God for guiding me in that choice.

Much later, after many years of studying in a Russian university and later in an American college, I understood something else: in addition to having fundamental professional knowledge in the area, a good psychologist needs to be able to “hear with his or her heart”, a skill that a person cannot get at any school. I think it is an ability that some people are born with, or something that a person can develop with time and experience. Interestingly, I often meet people blessed with this skill among those who come to my consultations. These people try to discover their purpose and make their lives more meaningful. They want to find a deeper understanding of how their lives unfold instead of choosing to simply go with the flow. I am glad that I have a lot to offer - compassion, tact, and professionalism – so that I can work together with them on moving toward their goals.

Our lives and destinies are unique. Everyone takes chances and makes their share of mistakes – it is an important part of getting through life. At some point you understand that it is time to stop and think, to reassess your life and to recharge… You understand that you need to find new goals and perspectives and to start moving again, toward your new dreams and hopes.

These are the moments when you may feel extremely lonely. These are the moments when you probably want to curl up in a ball, close your eyes, and just try not to think about anything. But a month or two go by and you begin to understand that you need to change something in your life, although you simply do not know HOW… This is when you may want to think about psychological counseling. Being a certified psychologist, I can provide support in situations like that. My role in this process is to use my expertise to help you find the resources you need to resolve important problems and to face life challenges. I will work together with you so that you can start moving forward and discover a more satisfying and contented life.

I would also like to add that I love my work and I believe that it is my true calling.

My professional creed is as follows:
  • To be near you, respecting your boundaries and principles
  • To provide professional support in the areas which are of the most importance for you
  • To help you navigate through your challenges and uncover your strengths using a warm and accepting approach